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Sage greens, taupe and chocolate browns dominate the soft palette of our Autumn collection, for a loungewear inspired look.

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Why did we start knitting? Here is our experience and our approach with one of the most ancient and noble arts known.

What’s the point of knitting in 2018? While the world seems pressing on the accelerator a little more every day, it may sound unusual to engage in an activity that no longer belongs to our time.

For some people it may be a way to oppose to the fashion industry, that does not offer enough transparence about the conditions of its workers, for whom the Fashion Revolution movement is committed to spreading more awareness.

We do not want to propose you anyway to stop buying your everyday clothes and start wearing handmade garments only (but if you don’t mind, why not?). Instead, we want to share with you some of the reasons that keep our hands busy with knitting needles on Sunday afternoons.

Why we knit

We knit because we simply like to. That’s it. It’s a hobby that we do to chill and that make us satisfied, and we’d like to propose it to anyone.

And, as often happens, our hobby has soon became a lifestyle. We constantly find inspiration in people like Katharina, known on Instagram and her blog as Katandleni, a mother of two who daily knits with love for her family that we had the pleasure to interview.

Our passion however did not come by chance, nor is the answer we have been seeking for a lifetime. We have important roots in the district of Biella, one of the biggest textile manufacturing centers in Northern Italy, and that surely helped. But we have the power to choose, and we have chosen to continue knitting for all that this activity gave to our lives.



We were just talking about the frenzy of modern times. Knitting is something that we do to create a moment of decompression, to stop running inside our daily life without even living the most of what we actually do. We cannot do it quickly, because it does not lead to any result.

Knitting is something that takes time and patience. We cannot fake quality on a woolen garment, so it’s good to us for understanding the importance of following a method and setting longer deadlines in order to obtain the quality we are looking for.

But there is more than this. The pursuit of the automation that is characterizing our era is making us losing contact with the genuineness of things, but also thousands of basic knowledge that constitute the most primitive foundations of our economy. So taking a step back and rediscovering ancient arts like knitting is, in our honest opinion, also a precious activity to preserve our future.




It’s always a good day to start knitting! Take a look at our precious yarns and learn how to realize your hand-knitted woolen garment!


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