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Sage greens, taupe and chocolate browns dominate the soft palette of our Autumn collection, for a loungewear inspired look.

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September 2018

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Un Peu Sauvage is a knit designer, a maker of minimal rustic knitwear, a calm fluencer and a slow and sustainable fashion enthusiast. Giulia is the little wild knitter we have been working with since the first beginning of Uknit. What surprises us more than anything else is the idea hidden behind her projects: she says that what a piece of clothing is made of is what makes it special, letting it live long past any trend. And we cannot agree more with her statement.

The last travel you did.

August 2017, a week in a valley near Lucca in Tuscany, Italy.

Coffee or tea?

Tea for breakfast, then coffee.

Tell us something about you and your relation with knitting. 

I started to knit while I was finishing university as a way to relax, and I never stopped.

Do you remember your first knitting project?

In my mind it was a scarf, in the end it actually was something with a strange shape.

Is knitting a hobby or a job for you?

It’s my job. And I love it.

Aside from knitting what are 3 things you are passionate about?

Books, slow living and photography.

One of the best things that happened in your life?

Learning to knit.

How does the place where you usually knit look like? 

I usually work from home and I have three major spots: at the dinner table, on my sofa or, during Summer, on an old wooden chair on the balcony.


Where does your name and logo come from?

I started with a different name: Keep Calm and Knit, but at some point, that name wasn’t anymore right for me. I wanted to use A Little Wild, but on Instagram it was already taken, so I decided for the French version. The logo is from one of my drawings, I’m not very good at drawing, but I like to draw trees.

What’s the philosophy below your art?

I try to speak about slow living, calmness and slow fashion. My idea behind my projects is that what a piece of clothing is made of is what makes it special, letting it live long past any trend.


Which is your favourite yarn to work with?

I’m in love with Ulysse by De Rerum Natura, it’s rustic, but soft and warm.

What are you looking for while choosing the yarns and colours to work?

It depends on what I’m creating, but, if at all possible, I try to find a sustainable yarn. And as for the colours, I let the mood of the moment guide me.

When you aren’t making and creating, where would we find you?

I’m usually on Instagram looking at beautiful pictures, or with my nose in a book.

Your favourite U/KNIT yarn?

Manioca, I love it.


Where do you take your inspiration from?

It depends, sometimes I create from a need I have, other times I start from an image I saw on Pinterest.

A knitter you love?

Isabell Kraemer. I like how she can work with colours and simple knitting.

What are you working at?

At the moment I’m working on different pairs of socks, they have been my best sellers last Winter.

Your next project?

A simple and minimal cardigan.UKNIT

Where can we find you?


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