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Sage greens, taupe and chocolate browns dominate the soft palette of our Autumn collection, for a loungewear inspired look.

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August 2018

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How do you take care of your hand-knitted woolen garment? Here are some habits and procedures that you might want to learn for making it last longer.

You just finished knitting your woolen sweater? Good, it’s now time to know how to take care of it.

Despite what you may think, wool is one of the easiest fibres to handle. In fact, due to its high resistance to strains, folds and odours, it does not request frequent washing as much as other fibres.

However, both for washing and general caring of wool you need to know a few rules that must be applied to not ruin your garment. If some of them may be very common in your ordinary clothes care, some other are instead specific for the wool fibre.

How to take care of your hand-knitted woolen garment

Starting from general care, it is recommended to empty every pocket and remove all the accessories before any maintenance action, in order to avoid any damage to its shape or the fabric.

Wrinkles formation is prevented by folding correctly your garments and store them in drawers. Usually, wool well-recovers its shape by itself: it just needs 24 hours of rest before being worn again, and the fibres regain their elasticity. Steamy baths are also useful. Ironing is instead not necessary, except for very smooth fabrics; but never ironing a totally dry wool.

Airing is often enough to remove bad smells like food or tobacco. Your woolen garment just needs to be layed flat on a surface for one hour or two.

If you think it’s time to wash your garment, turn it inside out, both if you choose hand wash or a machine. Also, make sure to separate dark and pale colors, as usual. To dry the garment, prefer room temperature instead of heat sources and do not expose it at direct sunlight.

Store your woolen garment only when it’s perfectly clean: you surely don’t want to deal with moths. If you add a repellent in your drawer/wardrobe, do not apply it on the wool. While folding, zip and button all the closures.


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